TyneHealth in partnership with CyVolve – a data security provider – enable us, as the GP Federation for North Tyneside, to securely share data internally and with external partners. Following a pilot scheme earlier this year, the advanced cyber-security technology is allowing TyneHealth, who represents General Practices in North Tyneside, to securely share resources during the current pandemic.

In these unprecedented times of remote working, CyVolve’s Sentinel software has quickly become essential to the running of TyneHealth. It can help bring together communication and enable collaboration quickly and efficiently, within the NHS.

“During these unprecedented times when our team is under pressure, and our need to adopt a flexible and agile response has been essential, this solution has enabled us to ensure the secure sharing of confidential information and large data files. It has assisted TyneHealth greatly to improve the efficiency and speed at which we have been able to respond to this crisis.“

– Paul Stanley, Acting CEO of TyneHealth

The CyVolve system meets the NHS Cyber Essentials Plus requirements and all data is kept securely within the UK, and all access to it is audited at all times. The extensive auditing and tracking technology within CyVolve is fully NHS certified and compliant with EU GDPR regulations.

“We are excited to continue to work with TyneHealth and believe that our platform delivers the security and flexibility required to transform data sharing and communications within the NHS. Our solution makes it possible to collaborate securely with external services and other players within the product supply chain.”

– Helder F. Antunes, CEO at CyVolve

One of the initial key uses of the technology is to allow us to share contracts and other key information to enable collaboration and partnership working. The system from CyVolve ensures that – even when sharing information outside of the GP network – control of the data and access to it remains within TyneHealth’s control. Other solutions tested could not guarantee the necessary levels of security and flexibility.

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