North Tyneside GPs, along with NHS health teams across the region, will continue to have measures in place to help protect everyone from infections such as Covid19 and flu – including wearing masks.

NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has agreed along with other local health organisations that the enhanced infection control measures of – mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing must continue to be in place throughout all GP practices and other community health settings to help protect staff, patients and visitors.

While the government roadmap plans to remove measures like this from everyday life from Monday July 19 it’s vital that the public can be confident about visiting or accessing local healthcare services safely.

It’s important to recognise that while life starts to return to normal in public spaces, healthcare settings come with different challenges and have more vulnerable and poorly people. With that in mind NHS organisations across North Tyneside and the wider region are planning to keep the safety measures in place as the NHS heads into another winter facing increasing demand and pressure on services.

When visiting GP practices or if in contact with community health care professionals wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing must continue as it has really helped keep people safe and stop the spread of Covid19, so it’s hoped that continuing with these measures will also prevent people spreading flu, norovirus and other variants during the rest of the year.

Alexandra Kent, Clinical Director, North Tyneside CCG said: “Protecting our patients and staff is always our priority so by keeping these safety measure in place will help protect our local communities.

“GP surgeries and other NHS settings provide a different challenge than public areas and it’s clear that robust infection prevention control measures will continue to be vital in protecting people into the future.

“We want people to feel safe when they visit their local GP or are in contact with healthcare staff in the community. We really welcome the public’s support in continuing with these simple but effective safety measures, but also in getting vaccinated if you haven’t already, it really is the best way to stop this virus.”

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