Our Aims

For patients

  • Our primary focus is that of serving patients, ensuring their health needs are met and their lives are improved, through high quality services delivered close to their homes
  • We help promote high quality primary care by providing responsive solutions and effective outcomes, whilst ensuring the NHS receives full value for money.
  • Through a culture of continual improvement, we work with multi -disciplinary teams to create innovative services which will deliver ongoing benefits to the patients we serve.

For GP practices

  • Enable the delivery of modern care to patients.
  • Support practices, identifying services which will create mutual benefits and a stable team of GP practices.
  • Facilitate the sharing of best practice and reduce duplication of effort.
  • Identify opportunities for practices which would improve patient care and deliver financial benefit.

For the local health economy

  • Support our Clinical Commissioning Group in meeting it’s objectives
  • Work with secondary care, public health and the third sector to deliver integrated care closer to home
  • Achieve effective and efficient services which will deliver benefit to the wider health economy