If you sit still for too long, especially if you are a little cramped, then you may develop blockages and swollen legs.  People think it happens on long flights in economy seats, but it also happens if you sit at home without getting up and moving around.

It’s usually nothing to worry about – you go to your GP, who checks out some things, and if there’s any suspicion that it could be DVT, then they will refer you to a specialist GP practice in North Tyneside who will check you further and make sure you are safe.  Some people need to go to Cramlington to the specialist centre there, but for most people, we can check it out and treat you for something harmless.

If your GP refers you (tells you to go) to the specialist GP practice or Cramlington, just because it’s usually harmless, you MUST go to your appointment and get it checked out.  Better to be safe than sorry.