Some women suffer Menorrhagia and the usual oral treatments haven’t been effective.  Please note that this condition is usually easily treated, so if you suffer from it, don’t suffer in silence but visit your GP.

If the oral treatment doesn’t work, then we will usually want to investigate in more detail.  Your own GP Practice may have the specialist in to treat you, or your GP may make an appointment with another North Tyneside GP Practice to give you a check-up and if appropriate, treat you on the spot with a Mirena Coil (Inter Uterine Device, one of the LARCs).

If there’s any suspicion that you might have abnormal cells, then your GP or the specialist GP will always refer you to hospital, and since this can be cured if detected early enough, then go to the hospital as soon as you can get an appointment.  But be reassured – mostly it’s treated simply with the oral treatment (oestrogen/ progesterone tablets)