Data Security

At TyneHealth we take data security and privacy rights very seriously and are committed to always protecting all data and sensitive information we handle.

TyneHealth are the GP federation for all of North Tyneside’s GP Pratices and it’s 215,000 residents and patients.

Partnership with CyVolve

TyneHealth in partnership with CyVolve – a data security provider –  enables us, as the GP Federation for North Tyneside, to securely share data internally and with external partners.

Following a pilot scheme earlier in 2020, the advanced cyber-security technology is now allowing TyneHealth to securely share resources during the current pandemic.

In these unprecedented times of remote working, CyVolve’s Sentinel software has quickly become essential to the running of TyneHealth. It can help bring together communication and enable collaboration quickly and efficiently, within the NHS.

How CyVolve Works for TyneHealth

  • Always Protected. The system allows our teams to control who, what, where and when data is shared, allowing information to be securely sent to the recipient whether internal or external.
  • When You Need It. Our teams can access files when they are working on the road, from home, in a GP practice or clinical setting or anywhere else with an internet connection.
  • Using Any Online Device. With everything in the cloud, our teams can access files with any device knowing all information is secure and available whenever needed.

Ockham Healthcare Podcast

TyneHealth featured on the Ockham Healthcare podcast.

Dr Susannah Thompson and Dr Eleanor Holmes from TyneHealth GP Federation were guests on the Ockham Healthcare podcast (26.10.2020). Together with Nigel Walker, CDO and Co-Founder of leading data security provider CyVolve, the three share a fascinating insight into the transformative approach they are taking in North Tyneside to truly put patients at the heart of integrated care pathways; how they are able to safeguard security around the sharing of information and ultimately, finally, break down the barriers of silo working.