What is the Pharmacy Team?

Together with the North West Primary Care Network (PCN) – groups of GP Practices working together to deliver services to their local community – TyneHealth, locality GPs and a team of dedicated Pharmacists are working on a number of initiatives to make structured medication reviews and the coordination of hospital discharge paperwork, central to excellent care delivery and improved outcomes for patients in the North West area of the North Tyneside borough.

What Does the Team Do?

This service aims to deliver excellent person-centred care for individuals, linking to proactive structured medication reviews and reduction in polypharmacy which can be a big cause of falls; a crucial part of the a joined up approach to Falls Prevention (see our Falls Prevention Service page); as well as aiming to minimise unwanted and adverse medication side effects.

The Pharmacists working in the North West Pharmacy Hub are supervised and supported through 1 to 1 sessions with nominated Lead GPs as well as Senior Pharmacists, forming a team who can lead excellence in care in the North West locality for all of its residents.