Find out more about the services TyneHealth provide...

    • Extended Access

      Extended Access

      Patients registered with a GP Practice in North Tyneside now have 1,000 appointments with either a doctor, nurse or Health Care Assistants.

    • Community DVT Pathway

      Community DVT Pathway

      Go to your GP, and if there’s any suspicion that it could be DVT, then they will refer you to a specialist GP practice in North Tyneside.

    • Care Homes

      Care Homes

      At TyneHealth we understand that older people can have the most complex needs and addressing these needs can be hugely challenging.

    • Falls Prevention Service

      Falls Prevention Service

      FPS is designed to proactively identify patients – who potentially have issues that would otherwise have gone unchecked – to stop them from falling.

    • North West Area Pharmacy Team

      North West Area Pharmacy Team

      The TyneHealth Pharmacy Team operate in the North West area of North Tyneside, around Killingworth and surrounding areas.

    • NHS Health Checks

      NHS Health Checks

      Once you reach 40 years old, it’s time to start getting NHS Health Checks, checking your cholesterol, height, weight, BMI and so on.

    • Sexual Health Services

      Sexual Health Services

      Our North Tyneside practices can help you plan your family, through contraception. Your practice reception team can tell you about it.  Please ask.

    • Community Menorrhagia Pathway

      Community Menorrhagia Pathway

      Some women suffer Menorrhagia and the usual oral treatments haven’t been effective.  Don’t suffer in silence visit your GP.

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