Find out more about the services TyneHealth provide...

    • Care Plus

      Care Plus

      North Tyneside Care Plus is a new way of working with you to improve your health and wellbeing, bringing health services together.

    • Extended Access

      Extended Access

      Patients registered with a GP Practice in North Tyneside now have 1,000 appointments with either a doctor, nurse or Health Care Assistants.

    • Same Day Urgent Appointments

      Same Day Urgent Appointments

       If it’s appropriate, you can be booked into your GP practice or one in the hub, so please ring your GP practise to get the right advice.

    • NHS Health Checks

      NHS Health Checks

      Once you reach 40 years old, it’s time to start getting NHS Health Checks, checking your cholesterol, height, weight, BMI and so on.

    • Sexual Health Services

      Sexual Health Services

      Our North Tyneside practices can help you plan your family, through contraception. Your practice reception team can tell you about it.  Please ask.

    • Care Homes

      Care Homes

      TyneHealth Care Homes.
      More details coming soon.
      Please check back in the next few weeks.

    • Community DVT

      Community DVT

      Go to your GP, and if there’s any suspicion that it could be DVT, then they will refer you to a specialist GP practice in North Tyneside.

    • Community Menorrhagia Pathway

      Community Menorrhagia Pathway

      Some women suffer Menorrhagia and the usual oral treatments haven’t been effective.  Don’t suffer in silence visit your GP.